Poland History And Culture: 5 Most Interesting Places Must Visit In Poland

Poland History And Culture: 5 Most Interesting Places Must Visit In Poland

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Poland is famous for its success story in the earlier era with its excellent emergence as an independent and proud nation. Well, Poland is one of the most attractive European destinations with eye-pleasing landscapes, vibrant culture, rich history, and picturesque views. In Poland, visitors love to explore Poland history and culture and enjoy the mountains, sea and various landscapes. Jewish heritage and delicious, authentic cuisine are must to enjoy during holidays in Poland. Let’s explore the unknown facts about Poland and visit the following must to visit places in the nation of rich culture and history.

Krakow: Poland History And Culture

Krakow, inhabited in the 7th century, is one of the oldest city of Poland that reminds visitors of the valuable history of the country. Krakow’s Old Town is known for its stunning medieval architecture. Two world heritage sites designated by UNESCO, The Wavel Castle and Historical Kazimerz that is also called Old Jewish Quarter are the main attraction of the city. Krakow has almost 40 urban parks that facilitate travellers to enjoy biking and hiking. Museums at Krakow are must-visit places, especially on rainy days. At Wawel, visitors love to see the collection of Flemish tapestries, period furniture, royal jewels, ancient armers and weapons and many other things of history. Also, Rynek Underground Museum is very famous that resembles the in-depth and unusual historical views.

Warsaw: Know Unknown Facts About Poland

World War II had ruined the capital of Poland, and many of the buildings were turned into ash because of war. After the war, massive efforts were implemented to reconstruct ruined historical places. Renaissance and Barque are the best replicas of original historical places. Today, more than 60 museums are attractions of the city such as the only poster museum, the best thing in Poland, dedicated to WWII Warsaw Uprising. Krakowskie Przedmiescie is the best architectural street that is preferred for outdoor adventure.

Tatra Mountains: Best Thing In Poland

Tatra mountains form Slovakia and Poland’s border, and National parks and most of the mountain ranges are into Slovakia. As there is no border between EU countries, you can hike from one country to another. Over 270 km of hiking trails is situated to the side of the park. Rysy, the highest mountain of Poland is in the Polish Tatras. Travellers can hike the highest peak of the mountain at 2500 Kms without any hiking expert or guide. Here, the park is not just the amusement place but the home to more than 600 caves. Wielka Sniezna is the deepest (824 meters) and longest 23 Kms with the limestone caves.

Wroclaw: Ancient Poland

Wroclaw is like unknown facts of Poland that was not an official part of the country till 1945. After WWII, it has been recognized as the part of Poland in 1945 because of some changes in borderlines in Europe countries. Lubomirski Museum is a historical museum that covers the city’s invasion by Nazi forces and the Soviet Union. The Wroclaw City Museum is the witness of the rich history with an overview of the city over 1000 years. Old town hall and St. Elizabeth’s church is situated in the Main Market Square of the Wroclaw’s city, and this is the oldest area of the city too. Summer is a preferrable season to visit the city through an ancient bus tour. In addition, if you want to meet Wroclaw’s dwarfs, you can explore the city on foot. On sidewalks, hiding beside corners or on lampposts, nearly 350 tine bronze elves’ figurines can be found.

Bialowieza Forest Reserve: Nature Of Poland

Europe’s largest remaining part of the primaeval forest that was covered much of the continent, the wonderful forest, Bialowieza Forest Reserve is known to be the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is situated on the border between Belarus and Poland. Border crossing Hiker’s path is within the forest only that covers more than 1400 Kms square area. It is like paradise for bird watchers and tourist love to enjoy bird watching in the forest in addition to finding out wonderful animals like bison and other species. Bialowieza, a forest with a small town inside, is like the treasure of nature and history. This small town is the open-air Wooden Architecture Museum full of wooden huts, windmills, tiny wood chapel, banya and barn.

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