8 Quirky Finland Culture Customs You Must Know

8 Quirky Finland Culture Customs You Must Know

Finland is famous for its quirkiness habits and culture. Finland culture is somehow weird and interesting. If you search countries that are famous for culture and habits, Finland would be in the list. It’s actual charm of traditions in Finland that make you visit the different places and events in the wonderful country, Finland. A curious country of steel, forests, 1000 lakes, strong accents is known and loved for Finland Culture. Do you know some amazing traditions in Finland? Let’s get some glimpse of most peculiar and quirkiest traditions practised in the country and become attractions for tourists.

Finland Culture- Eukonkanto – Wife-carrying

Since the 19th century, there is the tradition in Finland where the man used to carry his wife on his back and participate in the racing competition. The competition track is usually filled with obstacles. Wife-carrying competition is held in Sonkajarvi annually since 1992 to honour one of the amazing traditions in Finland. Couple or team that manage to complete the competition track with obstacles in the least time is declared as the winner.

Makkaraperunat – Sausage and Potatoes- One Of The Foody Traditions In Finland

Well, you might be a sausage lover, but you probably have tasted potatoes and sausage-like this. Finnis used to eat this simple, delicious and greasy traditional dish of sausage and potatoes at late night just after a few drinks. In addition, you can have it with your favourite onion, and cucumber salad or mustard ketchup as these are teste enhancers of the dish. So, you won’t be sorry if you order the traditional dish in combo with salads and ketchup.

Grillijono – Grill Queue

Grill Queue sounds like barbeque, but it is a fast food dish available at the various corner of any village, town or city of Finland. Don’t miss the Grilli in any condition, especially when you are looking forward to enjoying lihapiirakka nakilla or makkaraperunat. Well, plenty of people used to eat this fast food hence you need to wait for your turn. In such a condition, the only important rule is to follow the queue, or someone may fight with you for the turn.

Sweet Finland Culture – Mämmi

Mammi, a traditional sweet dessert of Easter in Finland, is also known as memma in Swedish. Mammi is a culinary delight dessert consists of rye flour, powdered malted rye, water, and some special ingredients like salt, orange zest or molasses. Special ingredients can be added according to your interest. Still, it is cooked in a traditional style where the first dough is prepared with all essential ingredients, and then sweetness is added with the natural process. The dough is perfectly baked and served when it gets cool. Well, in Easter evening, the mammi is served with lots of sugar and whipped cream.

Vihta/Vasta – Cultural Traditions In Finland

Sauna is the place of cultural traditions, and no tour of Finland is complete without experiencing the wonderful and exceptionally true nature of Sauna. The nature of the Sauna is true because of the purifying act through vasta or vihta. Vihta and vasta are the words that have the same meaning, a bundle of natural twigs. Vasta is a bundle of birch twigs and bundled with natural materials. In the summertime, there are lots of fresh leaves, and birch twigs are available easily, and it is the best time for the cultivation of this custom of Finland. Once you prepare the vihta, a bundle of fresh twigs, you are all set for this tradition. Get ready to hit yourself with vihta until your skin gets red and smell sore like a summer forest. Sauna is celebrated especially in midsummer, and it also helps in better blood circulation.

Saunajäähy: Ice Hockey

You must try some cool activities to get relaxed if the Sauna heat is intense. You can go for Sauna jaahy, a cooling break from the room of sweat, after celebrating the Sauna. Jaahy is a term used for the penalty in ice-hockey. Furthermore, Jaahy is mainly divided into three categories. You are supposed to jump into the nearby icy sea, lake or river or run naked on the freezing snow pile. While running naked on snow pile, your lungs may scream out of excitement and pain. You can also relax with steaming air, beer in hand, or live conversation with a partner. When you have a perfect partner, this experience can be memorable for lifetime getting pleasantly relaxed.

Tinanvalanta – Molybdomancy

Molybdomancy is the ancient culture that is adapted in Finland from Greece. Well, tinanvalanta or molybdomancy typically means a melting part of tin that is in the horseshoe shape. Horseshoe-shaped tin is placed on fire or stove tends to melt, and here you have to throw the melted piece of tin into the cold-water bucket. Do you probably think about why to do so? Well, the shape of the thrown piece of tin will determine the fortune like a bubbly surface indicates fortune, a horse indicates a car, and fragile surface indicates misfortune. It is fun tradition usually people involved in this on New Year Eve to know what the coming year will bring in their lives.

Ilmakitara – Air Guitar

Air Guitar World Championships, a part of Oulu Music Video Festival in the city of Oulu in Finland is the attraction of music lovers and die-heart fans of heavy metal and hard rock music. Well, initially the festival was held for fun and became popular over the years, and now the Network of Air Guitar Championships is managing the entire event. It is so popular worldwide that the network has expanded in nearly 20 countries. If you not familiar with Air Guitar, you can think of imaginable guitar that does not exist actually. Now, feel the excitement of playing such guitar with dance, and lip-singing. Participates with highest votes are declared as winners in this competition. Such a musical Finland culture!

Finland is on the top of the list when you are supposed to choose the cultural tradition tours with all sorts of excitement from physical activities to guitar music. You visit Finland with family as there is something for everyone and you will enjoy the Finnish culture and tradition.

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