Unrevealed facts about the Netherlands

Unrevealed facts about the Netherlands

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another blog of Unrevealed facts and today we will be revealing some of the astonishing facts about one of the flattest country of Europe ‘The Netherlands’. 

The country Netherlands is unusually flat having large stretch of beautiful lakes, rivers and pretty canals. In fact it is not only flat but also a low lying country for 50% of its land lies below sea level. In order to protect it from rising waters, a chain of dikes and sea walls have been built across the nation. 

Well, it definitely doesn’t sound flat at all… 

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So, let’s get into it one by one.

  1. Netherlands and Holland are same, but different:

Got confused? Don’t worry, there are many people who equal the Netherlands with Holland but there is a difference. The Netherlands refers to a country as a whole whereas Holland is one of the popular provinces out of the total 12 provinces and comprises of two- the North and the South Holland. Historically, Holland province which included (capital city Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam) was the main centre from where traders used to go far off places and hence, Holland got more popular than the Netherlands. 

2. Netherlands is the first country to legalize same-sex marriages:

Back in 2001, the Netherlands expanded its law and took a historic step to become the first-ever country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. Today, same-sex marriage is possible in nine other countries besides the Netherlands. Additionally, the Netherlands is also famed for being a very liberal, Independent, tolerant towards other ethnicities, its culture and ideas. In fact, its capital city Amsterdam is home to more than 180 nationalities.

3. Netherlands distinctive symbol ‘Tulips’ actually came from Turkey:

Tulip may be a Dutch thing today, but they were actually imported from the Ottoman Empire. One of the most famous plant tulips primarily came from Turkey, Central Asia. The noted botanist Carolus Clusius first brought the tulips bulbs and planted them on Dutch soil around 1593. And today, the country is categorized as the single major exporter of tulips.

4. For Duchies, bikes are like from cradle to grave:

The Netherlands is home to more than 22 million bicycles in contrast to 17.4 million population of the country. Yes… you heard it right! In order to boost the green economy and reduce car traffic, the Dutch government highly promotes cycling to fight road congestion. As a matter of fact, averagely a Duchies cycles 2.5 km per day and 900 km per year.

5. Duchies boasts highest per ca pita consumption of licorice in the world:

The Netherlands eats more liquorice than any other country in the world. The people are so much in love with this treat that the annual consumption crosses 32 million kilos of liquorice. Now that’s a lot of candies… Liquorice or Drop as Duchies calls it is a candy which is extracted from the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra. Liquorice comes in different tastes and flavour from sweet to salty and in varied sizes too. Besides, it also contains several medicinal properties too. So, if haven’t tasted drop yet, you are really missing a yummy treat in life. 

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I am sure by now you must have discovered something new about this fascinating country after listening to the unrevealed facts about The Netherlands. 

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