Unrevealed Facts About Denmark

Unrevealed Facts About Denmark

Hello Guys! Welcome back to another blog! We’ll get you across the unrevealed facts of a country that secured the second rank in the World Happiness Report in 2019. Yes! We are talking about Denmark which apart from being a home to 5.8 million happy faces, have given great contributions in the field of films, designs and architecture. Having spread around in more than 400 islands, Denmark has got many lesser-known facts that might leave you in awe. So let’s get started!

1. A Danish Writer’s fairy tale inspired the movie – ‘Frozen’!

The famous Disney Movie ‘Frozen’ that slew the audiences across the world was inspired by a fairytale ‘The Snow Queen​   ​’ which was written by a Danish writer named Hans Christian Andersen. Anderson gave away many other captivating tales including The Little Mermaid, Ugly Duckling, and Thumbelina etc. that blossomed the childhood of millions other than presenting the ideal plot for several award-winning Disney movies.

2. The famous Toy Company – Lego came from Denmark!

The famous Toy Company – Lego, well known around the world for its interlocking plastic blocks belongs to Denmark. The famous Toy brand was visionary enough that it didn’t keep its brand confined to the toys but built many theme parks which today are running by the name of LEGOLAND. The company Lego is the largest toy company in the world by its sales and revenue which was founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen of Denmark. 

3. Denmark provides its Citizens with Free Education!

Like many other countries in the world, Denmark too facilitates its citizens with free education all along. Whether it’s about providing the accommodation to the students or offering them the courses of their choice, the Danish govt. make sure to take its complete charge by managing it efficiently from the chest of its huge tax collections. 

4. Cycling is a prevalent Activity in Denmark!

Along with keeping alive the warm-hearted culture among the citizens, cycling is one thing that never goes off the minds of Danes. Witnessing their passion for staying healthy from both their mind and body, biking is one activity that you would commonly find on the road of Denmark. People not only take up cycling as a part of daily work-out but love to indulge in biking from pursuing it in groups to having solo rides.

After learning this, it isn’t surprising as to why Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark was named as the world’s best city for cyclists back in 2017.

5. The famous Jewellery Brand -Pandora was given by Denmark!

The fondest Pandora brand was a conception of Denmark. From a family-run jewellery shop to a renowned brand in the world, this famous jewellery brand – Pandora, today, is having its own 2400 concept stores in more than 100 countries. Known for its customizable bracelets and rings, this brand is no exception to the popular brands that are ruling the international markets, having emerged from a single point of sale. That’s all for this blog!

We hope you like hearing the unrevealed facts about certain nations that help you gain a better perspective about their economy, culture and practices. 

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