Five Hidden Facts About Sweden

Five Hidden Facts About Sweden

Hello Guys! Welcome back to another blog where we bring on your table – the unprecedented facts about the various countries! And the country that we have for today is Sweden! A place well known for its ultra-clean cities, impressive sceneries and greatest of Inventions! From the spine-tingling skyscrapers (Turning Torso) to the overwhelming view of northern lights, there is absolutely nothing that seems missing from the awe-inspiring location of Sweden. Sweden is officially termed as the Kingdom of Sweden and with a population of about 10 Million, it is the most densely populated country among the other Scandinavian nations. From awarding famous novel prizes to giving the world, popular clothing brand like H&M, this country has a lot more in the store, so without any further ado let’s jump to the intriguing facts about Sweden to have your jaw-dropping expressions!

1. Sweden has a Hotel made of Ice! An Ice Hotel: Wondering if it’s a spot to visit or a hotel for real! Well, it’s a hotel made of ice where you could literally schedule your stay. It is the first-ever Ice-hotel in the world that has 55 rooms in it with every possible item made of ice. The strange thing about this hotel is that it gets melted every year and is rebuilt with the snow and ice blocks taken from River Torne to have it with a New and unique conceptualization every year. The hotel rooms bear no heating provision but the beds are equipped with sleeping Bags laid over the reindeer skins/fur for the tourists to have a relaxing stay. Worth exploring at least once in a lifetime! Isn’t It?

2. Sweden has the highest Tax-Rate! Sweden is a country that has the highest tax bracket computing a rate of 51% of its GDP. It follows a progressive tax rate where sufficient reserves are created for the welfare Of people while diverting its largest proportion in the direction of social security Systems. The state facilitates its citizens with the benefits of free education and health care services to have the best infrastructure in place to cater to their daily conveniences.

3. Skype came from Sweden! The famous telecommunication company – Skype – did come from Sweden: Skype was founded by Niklas Zennström, from Sweden and Janus Friis, from Denmark in 2003. It was in 2011 when Microsoft acquired Skype for 8.5 million USDWhen this video chat and instant messaging software program started operating as a Microsoft’s division which is currently headquartered in Luxembourg, U.S.A.

4. Sweden is an importer of Waste! Sweden’s zeal for recycling is such that it exports the waste from Norway: Pondering as to why it has to export waste from other countries? Sweden’s Waste Management System is so huge and efficient that it exports the Waste from Norway and the UK. According to Swedish Waste Management Association, the capacity of incineration Plants is 21% larger than the actual waste produced in Sweden itself which is why it Has to export the waste from the other countries to utilize the capacity of the plant at Its best.

5. Fika – A thoughtful Culture! Fika literally means making time for coffee and snacking to spend some quality time With friends alongside the busy working-hours in the office. Fika that popped up as a popular Swedish Culture where people meet and greet each other during the day to enjoy a cup of coffee with some cake or meatballs. It Literally is used as a verb where people love to call it their ‘Fika Time’. The word Fika originated from the word Kaffi (a slang for Coffee) that becomes Fika On pronouncing it in the reverse order.

Isn’t it exciting to know these little-known facts about Sweden that helps people develop a Harmonious culture alongside building a prosperous economy for themselves!

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