5 Unrevealed Facts about Norway

5 Unrevealed Facts about Norway

In this blog, we will be revealing some interesting facts about a Scandinavian country which is known for its breathtaking Scenic views, glowing fjords and spectacular light-display (northern lights) that never fails to amuse people with its awe-inspiring riches. Nature has laid in its lap a whole bunch of natural resources and magnificent phenomenons that turned it into a major attraction for the millions of tourists that visit the place to admire this phenomenal creation of life. Any Guesses so far? 1 more hint to get you closer! The country we are talking about became the destination for the famous film – ‘Danish Girl’ – directed by Tom Hooper that even got Slicia Vikander won the ‘Academy Award’ for the Best Supporting Actress! Yes! U got it! The country we are making mention of is – Norway! A happy, prosperous, wealthier peninsular Island, that reaches straight to the heart of people at a very first glance. Norway, as we all know, is known for the Viking, where the people coming from the region (known as Norse) raided and traded various parts of the Europe and Asia while establishing the significant trade routes across the world. Among many known facts – the most notable one is that – Norway accounts for the second-highest GDP per capita among the European Countries. Not only it bears a badge of a ‘Weather Nation’ among the European countries but stands second in the queue of countries that holds massive wealth in their coffers! Precisely! Norway is ranked as the second wealthiest nation in the world that managed to secure the 3rd place in Happiness Index in 2019. Sounds like an Earthly Paradise! Isn’t it? So, let’s head to some lesser-known facts about Norway that are completely unheard of and is bound to leave you surprised after you get a hold of it! Before that, don’t forget to like, comment and share our link to look at the interesting facts about the countries that we get you on your digital screens to increase your knowledge base. So here we go!

1. Do you know Norway is actually Norge! Yes! You heard it right! Norway is actually the English name of the country. Norge is what they call their country in their native language (Norwegian). There are many versions of its name being called in various parts of the world like – Norwegian in Germany, Norvegia in Italian, Noruega in Spanish and so on, out of which Norway is what stands popular and prevalent around the world.

2. Salmon Sushi was the invention of Norway! Despite the fact that Sushi is called the invention of Japan, it was Norway who came up with the variation of Salmon Sushi back in the 1980s and introduced it to Japan. It was said that initially, Japan was sceptical of using raw salmon as an ingredient being unsure of its health impact. But later, the sushi variant got popular among the masses, especially the youngsters and eventually got the world’s approval that today it is fondly savoured in most parts of the world.

3. Norway is an exporter of Tap Water! The water supply in Norway comes from the high-altitude glaciers which are unparalleled to most of the water resources around the world. Known for its rich mineral value and sheer purity, it is so distinct in quality that Norway became an exporter of its tap water. Without having to go through any processing or filtration, its tap water is so pure that it could beat any well-established water brand that put their waters through numerous purification processes and quality checks.

4. Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Norway! Alfred Nobel is the name that initiated the custom of conferring Nobel Prize. Despite hailing from Sweden, he handed down his will that Nobel Peace Prize must be awarded from Norway after getting the recommendations from Norwegian Nobel Committee. The Nobel Prize is awarded in various categories of physics, chemistry, physiology, medicine, literature and economic sciences which is set to be conferred from the Stockholm, Sweden except for the category of Peace that is reserved for Oslo, the capital city of Norway.

5. Norway is run by Hydro-electric Power Plants! Despite having a huge oil reserve, Norway draws its domestic power usage from hydro-electric power plants. The oil reserves are so grand that a fund amounting to 1 trillion is created out of its proceeds in the name of ‘Wealth Fund’ which is reserved for the welfare of the people. Knowing all this, it isn’t difficult to decipher how Norway managed to stand in the place where it is today! Norway with its adept management has taught the world on how to effectively channelize the available resources to its advantage’ while remaining cautious in its approach. That’s all for this video! We hope you liked the quick facts about Norway and would love to find the same about the other nations as well! To enjoy more such blogs, follow to our website, where we let you have a magnified knowledge of countries which you dint get otherwise!

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