5 Unrevealed Facts About Finland

5 Unrevealed Facts About Finland

Hello Guys! Welcome to another blog, where we bring you the unrevealed facts about various countries. And today’s video is all about the fun facts of Finland! Are you planning to pick Finland as your travel destination by any chance? If so, go through these quick facts to see how your travel experience is likely to be! And even if you have been here before, we bet, lo and behold, you would be amazed to realize the intriguing facts about Finland!

So, let’s begin!

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1. Happiest Country!

Finland is the happiest country around the world. It has successfully managed to stick to the No. 1 position according to the World Happiness Report. Finland has stood the happiest country in the world three times in a row which says a lot about its resilient fabric of great values and proud integrity.

2. More Saunas than Cars!

Finland is known for its huge number of Saunas in its territory. With about 2 million saunas, it won’t be an overstatement to say that in Finland, you would find more saunas than cars.

3. Free Education!

Like other Scandinavian countries, Finland also offers free education as a measure of providing its citizens with a decent standard of living. The add on is that Finland extended this facility to the university level, taking it to the next stage of providing its citizens with ease, convenience and greater opportunities in the line of education.

4. ‘Land of Thousand Lakes’!

Finland is called the ‘Land of Thousand Lakes’ with thousands of lakes beautifying the region with its crystal waters deep blue colour. To be precise, Finland owns about 1,88,000 lakes with Saimaa Saimaa being the largest lake in the country and the fourth largest freshwater body in entire Europe.

5. Finnish are Coffee Lovers!

Finnish people have a distinct coffee culture. They are so fond of coffee that the average consumption per person stands at 10 kg/year. So it isn’t a surprise why Finland stands first in the queue of countries with the highest coffee consumption. We hope you liked the facts and it brought the needful insights about Finland’s culture, practices and traditions.

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