Norway Cuisine Must Try 10 Famous Food- Unrevealed Facts

Norway Cuisine Must Try 10 Famous Food- Unrevealed Facts

Norway is a land of surreal mountain ranges, colourful villages, mesmerizing views of glacier-carved valleys and beautiful Norway tourist places. Norway cuisines are full of natural ingredients, and almost in all kitchens of Norway, you will find unusual fresh ingredients. Well, Norway cousin must try to serve tourists with the best dishes in their kitchen. Well, Norway authentic cuisines are something that you can not find in your home town. So, you must try the following Norway cuisines during the visit of Norway tourist places. Don’t leave places of Norway without trying some yummy dishes from the following list.

Norway Cuisine Must Try: Brown cheese

Brunost is made from whey, and the whey is typically tossed out at the time of the cheese-making process. Though dubbed a cheese, Brunost is not typically a cheese at all. Whey is boiled until it caramelized into a fudgy, salty brown diamond in Norway. In breakfast, it is typically presented with slicer and placed on the toast.

Where To Find Brunost At Norway Tourist Place

 Brunost is available in grocery stores, and you can also order it in a breakfast buffet in the hotel. In addition, people also like it to add flavour in dishes like brown cheese ice-cream. Its combination with other dishes goes delicious. Well, it looks odd combination, but the fudgy and salty cheese make it mouthwatering.

Tube caviar

Scandinavians supposed to have an affinity for improbable dispensing items through tubes. In Norway, caviar is served in a tube and also different flavours of soft cheese. It would be best if you tried bacon cheese at Norway tourist place. Well, you will like the tube packaging of the food as it is very comfortable for mountain hikes, train rides, or cruises or any place where you want to hang out in Norway.

Where To Find Tube Caviar

You can find tube caviar in grocery stores nearby your hotel or start your day with it in breakfast.

Pickled herring

Fish lovers will love to try different kinds of fish dishes in Norway because you can find it in every imaginable form like grilled, smoked, fried, poached and pickled. Pickled herring is served in a small bowl in lunch or dinner buffet. It is also a popular dish for Christmas. You can have a different version of it as it can be prepared in pure vinegar, mustard sauce, tomato sauce, or sherry.

Where to Find Norway Cuisine Must Try Pickled Herring

It gives incredible taste when you try pickled herring for the first time in your breakfast. Morning makes an excellent environment to order it with breakfast.


Norway is like a berry buffet in the summertime. You can also stock up bilberries, lingonberries, and cloudberry. Cloudberry is the most fetching among all kinds of berries. Cloudberries, an orange-pink delicacy is available only in summer as it is not commercially grown. You can try it with desserts like multekrem, that is a sweet combination of cloudberries and whipped cream.

Where To Find Cloudberries

A season of cloudberries is from July to August, and it is available in the menu of cafes, hotels and restaurants.

Norwegian waffles

Norway has something special for everyone and anywhere. Norwegian Waffles, heart-shaped delights are served almost all over Norway. You can have it anywhere from ferry boats restaurants to museum cafes. People love it as a midday snack with Brunost and jam. They are more crispy because they are thinner than well-known Belgian Waffles. Edges are crispier and essential ingredients of Norwegian waffles are eggs, sugar, water and flour.

Where To Find Waffles

During ferry rides through Norway tourist places Bergen’s BarBarista or fjord. You can also find them in twisted forms to add fun to your ride.

Norway Cuisin Must Try Lutefisk

Norwegians are people who love to eat fish in different style, and this makes them try various method to store fish for a long time. Fermentation is one of them that was used before the time refrigerator. Famous Lutefisk is also a product of such a process in which codfish is soaked in a powerful chemical Iye. Iye is used in food curing. Around Christmas time, people love to eat this intense fish dish. 

Where To Find Lutefisk

Olympen in Oslo serves Lutefisk with Norwegian beers. You can find this traditional-style fish in the grocery store too.

Potato lefse

A perfect combination of potato, egg, wheat flour, sugar, and butter is a thin pancake, and this fantastic dish is called Potato lefse. With sugar, jam, butter and cinnamon, potato lefse tastes amazing in breakfast or midday snack.

Where To Find Potato Lefse At Norway Tourist Place

Tourists can find it at supermarkets, ferry cafes and coffee shops.


Salmon, a fatty and buttery fish, is an ever-present dish in Norway, whether presented cured with dill or smoked. In the chilly atmosphere of Norway, salmon are loved to be eaten.

Where To Find Salmon

Salmon dishes, including Gravlaks are commonly served in the breakfast buffet, and tourists enjoy the various salmon dish with the view of amazing places.

Hot dogs

The hot dog is a street food of Norway and Norwegians are fond of this. At any street corner of the country, tourists can satisfy their hunger with it. Also, they are served in many forms like with bun, with potatoes, in soups and stews. It also has been placed on the Christmas dinner table.

Where To Find

 You can find it at street food stalls, gas stations, or small grocery shops.


Fiskeboller is the ball-shaped dish made with the fish like cod. Codfish is blended with milk, eggs, flour, milk and flour to make a ball-shaped dish out of them. In Norway, people used to eat it every day. Even you can find them stored at your friends’ house in the cupboard in Norway.

Where To Find

At any friendly neighborhood like a grocery store in Norway. Any of your Norwegian friends can guide you on how to make fiskeboller.

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